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Our Company

Montclair Limo Service LLC has been providing the highest level of limousine service since our inception in 2012 First Class Limousine is a family owned and operated company, our customers become part of our extended family.

Customer service, local geography and defensive driving through our in-house Chauffeur Training Program. Background checks and drug tests are conducted on all new hires. All chauffeurs are subject to random drug testing and periodic DMV checks while in our employ.

Limousine Fleet

All our vehicles are serviced and maintained on site Montclair Limo Service LLC is Your Limo of Choice for the best in ground transportation.

Our Service Quality

You are at the right address to meet your needs in the best way with luxury vehicles. You can benefit from the services of our company, which aims to meet the needs of its customers most professionally by prioritizing customer satisfaction.

Our company, which attracts attention with its luxury vehicle fleet, carries out the maintenance of all the vehicles periodically. In this way, you are very unlikely to encounter any malfunctions and problems while using the vehicle. You can benefit from the chauffeur-driven car rental service 24/7 with professional, expert, and experienced drivers in their field.

Moreover, we support you 24/7 in case you have a problem. We meet your needs in the best way with the guarantee of timely delivery.

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Team of Dedicated Professionals

Our team consisting of experts, and experienced and professional people in their field supports you 24/7. Our team undergoes examinations and drug tests within certain routines.

At this point, you can choose Montclair Limo Service LLC, which provides service with the best price guarantee.

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